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Happy Easter. Hope you’re well. Whilst writing this morning and digging through some old notes we found this list we created 4 years ago around mindset.
This is complied largely from Tony Robbins and other thought leaders.
May just be a snippet here that helps change your thinking if you’re feeling like you’re at a roadblock.
Hope it helps.
Team NutNav
  • Memories are myths
  • Question behaviour not intention
  • People either cry for help or speak from love
  • All emotional pain is attached to loss
  • Loss is a construct – a skewed version of transformation
  • Choose empowering meanings
  • What’s a more empowering way of looking at this?
  • People tend to be whatever you make them
  • Whatever you look for you will find
  • Do you want to be right or do you want to be fulfilled?
  • Anger comes from a feeling of loss
  • What did you lose?
  • Did you really lose it?
  • What are you missing as a result of your loss?
  • What meaning are you making from the perceived loss?
  • Change your meanings and actions
  • Focus on where you want to go, you can’t drive forwards looking in the rear view mirror – The future will look like the past and you’ll crash
  • Focus on what you want and you’ll get more of it, focus on your fear, you’ll get more of that
  • Faith is understanding the seasons of life
  • Some people freeze in the winter and others go skiing
  • Most people overestimate what can be done in a year and underestimate what they can do in decade
  • The world moves for those who never give up and faith
  • If I feel bad people will respect my sad story and I’ll feel good!
  • To change your state your change the meaning
  • The way you use your body determines the way you feel
  • Emotion is created by motion – so move and loosen your mind
  • Would you go and see a bad film at the cinema over and over again? Well why do that with your current movie about life?
  • A coward dies a thousand deaths
  • The questions you ask determine what you focus on
  • Your questions are based on your beliefs
  • What else could this mean?
  • Do I know everything there is to know about this now?
  • Anger, Rage, Fear, Hate,Guilt, Worry, Upset, Frustration – what are the messages? Emotional messages? CTA’s!
  • Change your actions! DO SOMETHING! What is the message my emotions are trying to give me here?
  • Ignore them, endure them??? LEARN FROM THEM AND UTILISE THEM? CHANGE THE MEANING FIRST! It will transform it!
  • Change your perception and/or your actions
  • Changer your words – use Transformational Vocabulary and softeners -i.e A little bit
  • Acknowledge and appreciate your emotions/message
  • Get incredibly curious as to what the message is?
  • What is the real message this emotion is giving me?
  • Get yourself to feel reassured that you can deal with this emotion.
  • Remember a time when you dealt with this emotion successfully in the past.
  • Don’t call it depression – call it a little bit down
  • Depression’s message is that you need to reset your priorities – you feel out of control.
  • Some of us have blanked out the good memories of the past. Forget the things that are unhelpful and remember the things that are good
Team NutNav

Team NutNav

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