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Welcome to the  Mental Health NutNav blog.

We’ll be posting stories of those who have not just learned to cope with mental health issues but are living lives with hope and optimism. Hopefully you’ll find something that will inspire your spirit and help ‘navigate your nut’ to a brighter place.

NutNav is a global community where you can dip in and out and hopefully discover something thought provoking that will navigate your mindset if you’re in a jam and having a bad day.

Our goal for 2020 is to begin putting the foundations in place to create a platform where you can express what depression is for you. Together, we can formulate new ways of supporting each other on our journey and hopefully gain new insights into our own personal struggles, growth and long term positive change.

Mental Health doesn’t discriminate, it effects all of us irrespective of social position, class, race or gender. One thing is for sure, in a world of divide, as human beings we have far more in common with each other than most of us would believe.

As we move forward, we will look at hosting events to help us all connect, unite and build strong communities – we are only getting started.

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