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Welcome to the  Mental Health NutNav blog.

We’ll be posting stories of those who have not just learned to cope with mental health issues but are living lives with hope and optimism. Hopefully you’ll find something that will inspire your spirit and help ‘navigate your nut’ to a brighter place.

NutNav is a global community where you can dip in and out and hopefully discover something thought provoking that will navigate your mindset if you’re in a jam and having a bad day.

Our goal for 2020 is to begin putting the foundations in place to create a platform where you can express what depression is for you. Together, we can formulate new ways of supporting each other on our journey and hopefully gain new insights into our own personal struggles, growth and long term positive change.

Mental Health doesn’t discriminate, it effects all of us irrespective of social position, class, race or gender. One thing is for sure, in a world of divide, as human beings we have far more in common with each other than most of us would believe.

As we move forward, we will look at hosting events to help us all connect, unite and build strong communities – we are only getting started.

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What scripts are you living by and whose words are they?

One of the best books we've read is Unscripted by MJ Demarco. In his book, MJ looks at how we are all subject to following, without question, someone else's ideas and dogma.

These internal scripts set us up to play the pawn in someone else's game. A game that benefits them only most of the time.

Being able to seperate yourself from your mind, usually through hard exercise or meditation will enable you to stand back and observe the thoughts your mind produces on a daily basis.

This will expose the very habits you've developed over the years and allow you to begin some positive change.

There is a saying though. Old habits die hard. Indeed they do, they have become a powerful part of who you are so consistent effort and self wareness is required over a period of 60 days to weaken and the break the cycle

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Always use logic to tackle tough days. Never trust your emotions. Plan things you know you should do then take massive action! Your emotions will eventually reward you and overtime your thinking will improve. Starting with emotions = dead end. Somewhere on your map the sun shines.
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Lockdown has been tough on everyone - how has it been for you. Please do share if you have an encouraging story. -
Read James story on the NutNav website and if you’ve got a story we’d love to hear it.  #depression #lockdown #mentalhealth #anxiety
From our community- “I finally got around to watching this last week. Wasn't expecting what I watched. I left feeling split. I love both the DC and Marvel universe, I do edge more towards the DC worlds due to their gritty nature.
As much as it seemed like a documentary, I do feel that their needs to be far more nuance when it comes to issues around mental health.
Why? Well if you say to someone who doesn't understand 'I have depression' - their judgement will likely be based on stereotypical representations of people with mental health struggles.
This movie shows us 'The Joker's' (played by Joaquin Phoenix) need to be understood and accepted. A base human requirement from childhood. We also get to learn of the horrendous abuse he was subject to as a child, along with him learning he was adopted, causing further mental stress as he battles with this realisation. This realisation along with all the crap luck he's having, denial of his medication due to funding etc sees him spiral out of control into a dark world of hatred.
A compelling watch BUT - what is the message here? Does that mean anyone with similar experiences is likely to make those choices?
My own take is that it's not what happens to you that defines who you are but how you respond.
There is so much more focus on mental health issues which is a good thing BUT this whole narrative of, "this person experienced this so they are likely to be/do that" is stigmatising mental health still - so there is still work to be done. I've worked in business for myself full time for over 10 years and met many people with mental health issues who despite their struggles, still march on and get shit done. It's a strange illness and one that is unique to each person. Using the past as an excuse/reason to be destructive is simply not good enough, despite the pressure it can bring..and it's a stigma/stereotype that needs to be challenged.
Did I like the movie then? Yes and No. Loved the grit and the way it portrays how tough life can be, not keen on the outcome...but then it is The Joker...” Have you seen the movie? If so what did you think, was it an accurate portrayal of mental health?
“Self awareness plays a big part in what kind of day I have, sometimes an event can trigger a matrix of unhelpful thoughts, all connected like a domino effect, the same boring predictable stuff - stepping back from this cyclone allows me to see it for what it is”
Words like this are why we exist - real life quotes from the NutNav community to help bring some hope to others who feel lost in the dark (we know how that feels!!)
We are going to be launching a brand new Facebook Group very soon, Ricky will be getting involved so we can all drop in for a chat, connect, share some ideas around mental health and maybe even have a bit of a laugh 🙏🏻 We’ll post when it’s live! Thank you for your support whoever you are xx 🧠🗺
If you have something going on that has rocked your life and left you in utter despair please know it can improve - we are hearing so many amazing stories of hope and recovery 🙏🏻
This day is yours! Keep going! 🙌🏻🧠🗺
It can certainly feel like this at times. We find its about building a plan in order to carry us through those darkest days so we don’t feel isolated as much as we used to.
Being relentless 🦁 and facing our fears is one way we tackle this. What works for us one day night not work the next so we have to stay curious and be open to new ideas.🙌🏻
Have you developed any ways over the years that help you improve your mindset? 🤔If so we’d love for you to share them in the comments below🙏🏻🧠🗺😃
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