When lockdown hit I panicked for about 2 hours and that was it.

All of a sudden the whole world was thrown into uncertainty – myself?, my world was smashed to pieces in therapy many years ago so I was used to it all. The difference was shit got real and I had real challenges to face instead of the crap in my mind.

For the first few weeks I focused only on postive content. I ignored the daily news and consumed only content from those who were spreading messages of survival and striving. Whilst the debats around this virus linger on and the world seemingly falls apart, I continue to stay as much as I can in the lane of opportunity.

It’s sad when I hear of many people I know who’ve lost loved ones and my heart goes out to them.

My main take aways from the insane 3 months have been meditation and fitness. I decided to download the premium version of Headspace and I must say, what a fantastic boon that’s been for me. The simplest of exercises like controlled breathing and noting thoughts as just thoughts, being aware of your bodies weight as you sit/lay down seem so simple in theory but are so effective in practise.

Each time you do it you can feel like you are developing the ability control your own mind rather than the other way around which is a  HUGE shot in the arm.  My own ability to seperate myself from my thoughts and navigate my mind into a brighter place is inreasing each time I do it. It’s become a habit.

Second to that is a new found ritual of running some days of the week and HIIT training sessions early in the morning. I’ve lost weight and I’m starting to get that sweet life energy back I had up to 1999/2000 when I first fell into depression.

My next step is to finally quit smoking, eat more wholesome foods and continue on this journey.

Another aspect that’s lifted me up was getting back into my art again for which I’ve secured a 2 year publishing deal.

So if you’re struggling you can absolutely create a better inner world for yourelf. Find new habits – it’s bloody tough at first as you wade in the darkness but once you discipline yourself to do these they soon become part of your daily routine. As Tony Robbins once said, progress = happiness…and it really does!

Try if you can to stay away from the news, they profit big from negativety and have zero regard for the mental health of us…the people.

Keep rocking!

James x



James is a regular contributor to NutNav - He's looking to share his experiences in the hope it will help others.

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